Comparing facts North vs. South

North and South Comparison Chart:

Why is the South Pole so much colder than the North Pole? Shouldn't they be around the same temperature, when the conditions are allegedly similar, according to the globe theory?

North Pole:

1) Covered by a layer of ice on a sea

2) Relatively flat

3) The ice is a few meters thick

4) Relatively higher temperatures

5) Has no mineral deposits

6) Inhabited by white bears

7) Called the south pole on a bar magnet

South Pole:

1) Covered by thick ice on a mass of land

2) Mountainous

3) The ice is very thick, up to 2.5 km

4) Lowest temperatures on Earth

5) Full of mineral deposits such as gold, platinum, nickel, iron, silver, and many more.

6) Inhabited by penguins

7) Called the north pole on a bar magnet

Notice the big difference in the facts about the North compared to the South, when comparing facts #3 + #4 on both poles! Why the big difference, when the conditions should theoretically be very similar regarding temperature?

On a flat surface world this does make sense, because the Sun passes so fast in the South compared to the North, that the land and sea cannot get as warm as in the North, where the Sun moves much slower to compensate for the 24 hour day!


The theoretical Flat Earth map and the UN logo.

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