One Bible claim doesn't prove the next

A general observation of general behaviour among "christians":

A children's book starts with the words: "It was a sunny day and the sky was blue, because there were almost no clouds in the sky." And the book continues like this: "And the unicorn said to the leprechaun: 'I just spoke to bigfoot, who magically appeared out of nowhere.'"
The first part is an absolute truth, which can also be observed in reality, but the second part is obviously NOT true, but just fantasy!
In a like way, Genesis, the creation story, in the Bible matches, what we can observe in reality, but that does NOT AUTOMATICALLY make everything else written in the Bible true!
To assume, that one absolute truth automatically makes the rest of a collection of writings in a book true, is a very irrational and illogical way of reasoning! It does of course NOT make sense!

So please stop declaring the whole Bible true, just because Genesis obviously matches, what we can observe in reality! And stop trying to misuse this matching fact as a "confirmation" of your man-made religious dogmatic lie!


The theoretical Flat Earth map and the UN logo.

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If you think, I'm religious, you're wrong.
If you think, I'm an atheist, you're also wrong.
I seek the absolute truth - no more and no less!

"The one, who seeks the truth,
is also the one, who reveals it."

The truth is...

  • That God is real, and so is Jesus!
  • That all the major religions are man-made lies!*
  • *Jesus said: ”Beware of false prophets,
    which come to you in sheep's clothing...”

  • That the surface of this stationary world is relatively flat!
  • That the Sun, Moon and stars (including the "wandering" stars, which most know as: "planets") are much smaller and much closer than we've been told!
  • That 6 months apart, and allegedly looking i 2 exact opposite directions, we still see the exact same combinations of stars (star constellations), and that fact alone both reveals and disproves the globe LIE!
  • That I can prove it all, except to others, that God and Jesus is real - you'll have to live the truth to find that out for yourself! If you're sincerely trying to do, what Jesus told the Disciples to do, then you're living the truth!


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