The purpose of life...

The most important questions anyone can ask is: why are we here? And: is there a purpose to this life? And I actually found out, why we are here and what the purpose is!
Did you know that, that I know the purpose of this life? Would you like to know it? Would you believe me, if I told you so?
And remember: I do NOT follow any religious dogma of any kind! All I wanted to know, when I started searching, was the absolute truth - no more and no less - and I actually found it! And that's, what I want, you all to know!
The sad part is, that most don't even care! Do you?

It's very simple to say and very hard to do:
We're here to learn not to do evil, but instead do good!
In lack of a better expression, this world is a "soul-developer", where the goal is to become righteous souls to a certain high degree - through "the art of Goodness", as I call it (by following the good principle, "The Golden Rule" + the rest of Gods "Law of Love" and learn to master it) - and if we reach that goal, then we will no longer have to be reborn into this world, and the great wheel of reincarnation and Karma will no longer apply to us, but we will move on to the next higher level of our spiritual journey, which will continue in, what is known as: The Kingdom of Heaven!

Within a "time age" we live many lives and at the end of this time age, - which only God knows, when will be - we will be Judged by Jesus Christ on, if we have done mostly good or mostly evil, and those, who have done good to a certain high degree will be welcomed into The Kingdom of Heaven, while those, who has not reached this high level of righteousness, will be rejected and denied access!
Those, who are really trying to do the will of God - by upholding the Law of Love to a certain high degree and thereby have become righteous souls - at the end of our time age, have now because of their mainly good deeds, earned the right to live forever, and will no longer experince death and rebitrth in this world, but from that moment on they will continue their spiritual journey in The Kingdom of Heaven!

Most don't know this, simply because they have not searched for the truth, by living the truth (by trying to follow Gods Law of Love, which of course is a just law, because God IS Justice itself), and that's the ONLY way to find it! And because of "their" lies, many fall into the many religious traps, which in reality leads people away from Gods truth and trick them into sinning, which is obviously the exact opposite of, following the will of God!

I can't prove this to anyone, but you can prove it to yourself, by actually doing it - because that's how it works! ;-)


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If you think, I'm religious, you're wrong.
If you think, I'm an atheist, you're also wrong.
I seek the absolute truth - no more and no less!

"The one, who seeks the truth,
is also the one, who reveals it."

The truth is...

  • That God is real, and so is Jesus!
  • That all the major religions are man-made lies!*
  • *Jesus said: ”Beware of false prophets,
    which come to you in sheep's clothing...”

  • That the surface of this stationary world is relatively flat!
  • That the Sun, Moon and stars (including the "wandering" stars, which most know as: "planets") are much smaller and much closer than we've been told!
  • That 6 months apart, and allegedly looking i 2 exact opposite directions, we still see the exact same combinations of stars (star constellations), and that fact alone both reveals and disproves the globe LIE!
  • That I can prove it all, except to others, that God and Jesus is real - you'll have to live the truth to find that out for yourself! If you're sincerely trying to do, what Jesus told the Disciples to do, then you're living the truth!


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