When injustice becomes law

May 13, 2020.

The official side of society all over the world have lied to its population about the shape of this world - it's NOT a spinning ball, and I can prove it: Reality speaks for itself! Why? Fear spreading! Think: Giant meteorite destroying life, like the alleged destruction of the so called Dinosaurs (more lies). Or an "Alien" invation from "outer space". But that can never happen on our Flat Earth = Peace of mind! :-)
And they also lie about this so called pandemic. Why? Control - increasing limitation of your basic human rights - like they have been doing all along with "Political Correctness"!
A cashless society, which this false pandemic is really about, opens the possibility for more control with where you are, and what you buy, and when etc.
Everything they do to you right now, is violating your basic human rights and their prefered "weapon" is fear, which makes most of you consent to this violation! That's why! Wake up to reality, folks!
When injustice becomes law, civil disobedience becomes a duty!


The theoretical Flat Earth map and the UN logo.

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If you think, I'm religious, you're wrong.
If you think, I'm an atheist, you're also wrong.
I seek the absolute truth - no more and no less!

"The one, who seeks the truth,
is also the one, who reveals it."

The truth is...

  • That God is real, and so is Jesus!
  • That all the major religions are man-made lies!*
  • *Jesus said: ”Beware of false prophets,
    which come to you in sheep's clothing...”

  • That the surface of this stationary world is relatively flat!
  • That the Sun, Moon and stars (including the "wandering" stars, which most know as: "planets") are much smaller and much closer than we've been told!
  • That 6 months apart, and allegedly looking i 2 exact opposite directions, we still see the exact same combinations of stars (star constellations), and that fact alone both reveals and disproves the globe LIE!
  • That I can prove it all, except to others, that God and Jesus is real - you'll have to live the truth to find that out for yourself! If you're sincerely trying to do, what Jesus told the Disciples to do, then you're living the truth!


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